Good Dog

2Q4A4372.HRYou are hardworking, impeccably observant, and fiercely loyal. You seem content to watch from your safe corner and take it all in, on-call and deeply insightful, but often reluctant to participate. All the while, you never neglect the implications and consequences of any associated action. You behave in a distinguished fashion, studious, decisive and methodical, punctuated with casual sarcasm and nonchalant humor, perhaps to deflect any suggestion of sensitivity. You seem very much a rule-follower. You are deeply concerned with following the letter of the law and checking all of the boxes. I am sure this is what makes you proficient in your career and why you have earned the seat you occupy.

This makes for a difficult dog life in many ways, however. You are not carefree in the capacity in which I know you, though perhaps bound by the confines of your professional persona. You aren’t one to blindly jump off a dock to chase a soggy tennis ball, or delve headfirst into unchartered territory. In my mind, you remain largely reserved, assiduously serious, conservative in mannerisms, and socially reticent. You do not appear to be recklessly playful, but show some lenience toward trainability. Maybe this is not the dog you are outside of the walls, but this is the limited, opaque picture I have seen, like trying to make sense of faded slides in a vintage slideshow, void of sound or subtitle.

Clearly, you must be willing to entertain some element of risk or you would not have pursued a passion that ultimately became your career, a fascinating dichotomy. You appear impossibly complicated and regretfully uncomfortable in the company of some, choosing instead to assign yourself the easier blanket label “introvert” because it’s viable. You have a fantastic smile when you choose to implement it. You have a gentle temperament, despite your intimidating frame. You embarrass far too easily, obviously endearing, but probably frustrating for you, betraying your working dog, deliberate demeanor. Of all of your dog qualities, what you perceive you lack in unconditional acceptance, you seem to make up for in kindness.

 You are a good breed.

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